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With Whit

Aug 24, 2021

I am so grateful to be connected with so many empowering and talented women in this industry. I went into this podcast interview feeling overwhelmed and ready for a vacation. I walked away inspired and driven to make adjustments in daily work life. Chriselle Lim is considered one of the pioneers in digital fashion content, starting her YouTube Channel and website, The Chriselle Factor, in 2011 from her college dorm room. We talk about the reality that creating unique content every day is a lot to ask, and we need to be ok with the fact that there are lulls in inspiration. Additionally, we discuss the power of slowing down, not being reactionary and saying no to the constant asks from others. Chriselle is also the co-founder of Bümo, which is an early childhood education platform; she is passionate about finding a modern solution for millennial parents, and specifically working mothers. During the pandemic she started Bümo Brain, helping parents educate their children virtually in the pandemic.

Produced by Dear Media